The address was a mess of occasional BLOCK CAPItALS.

Today I wrote a thank you card. A simple process, you’d think.


The madness begins with trying to find a Thankyou card in Winter. Seemingly as soon as the wind turns, card shops become a sea of red. What do they think it is February? But this is at least out of my control. Anyways third time/shop is a charm, card acquired.


After studying the card that accompanied the gift I am thankful for, I being writing… my first draft… on my laptop. A few rewrites later and several uses of the spell checker; its time the synonyms feature gets abused to check the typed word, while spelt correctly, is the word I think it is. It was only in my second year of University I managed get ‘college’ and ‘collage’ the right way round. Of course this only meant I struggled with something else instead.


My current gripe is my superpower of missing the ‘n’ out of the middle environment (thanks to Word for fixing that for me).


Anyways, with a final copy on my laptop it’s time to see if I can still write. Luckily I grab a spare bit of paper because apparently I can’t. A few tries later and I have something legible.  Now then, for the big moment, the card itself.


First line down:  I might mange this after all.


First letter of second line:  #@&”!